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Sampada BLDC AC Ceiling Fans                                                                                            

BLDC is Brushless Direct Current Technology and it does not use mechanical commutation current injection via carbon brush. The motor uses electronic commutation which improves the life of the motor. This technology is power efficient and entire world is moving towards BLDC motors for various electrical applications. 

The fan shown in the picture is a BLDC AC ceiling fan and consumes merely 30W power at 230V AC. The conventional fans in our home take around 70W power. This fan is a paradigm shift in technology and in coming years entire world will switch over to this technology.

The fan is a great utility for host of users across the various segments of society like:-

a) Urban schools 

b) Hospitals

c) Community centers

d) Offices

e) Homes

f) Hotels/Restaurants

                                                                fan pic    Final Poster 4 





Very low power consumption



Motor technology

Microcontroller based sensorless BLDC


High RPM



 Operating voltage range

120V - 260V


Air delivery

 230 CFM

Speed control mechanism


Manual as well as remote control

Number of speed options




48 Inch (Aluminium blade)


6 fans

Quality CRNO stampings

Quality ferrite magnet

Saves Rs.1200/per year

Other swing sizes available on demand

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