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Sampada Solar DC Wall Fans                                                                                                 

Sampada DC wall fan consumes with extremely low power. It operates on 12V and can also operate on AC power using AC-DC adapter. If electricity is not there, it can be connected to home lighting system or even can run on battery charged through solar power. Both provisions have been made.

The fan is a great utility for host of users across the various segments of society like:

1. Restaurants

2. Small offices having low ceiling and space

3. Schools

4. Highway shops/dhabas

5. Rural/Town homes

                                                             12 inch DC Wall Fan       Fan 16





Sampada Sameer 12

Sampada Sameer 16

Very low power consumption

Fan power consumption(12V): 11W

Fan power consumption(12V): 22W


AC operation: 110V - 260V using external SMPS adapter

AC operation: 110V - 260V using external SMPS adapter

Excellent air delivery

RPM: 1350 max@12V

RPM: 1500 max@12V

Pure copper winding

Swing = 12 inch

Swing = 16 inch

Uses best quality CRNO stampings

Solar panel = 20W

Solar panel = 40W

Speed control through string switch

Metal powder coated jaali

Metal powder coated jaali

Uses sampada home lighting system to operate fan

Minimum packing = 6 fansMinimum packing = 6 fans

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