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 Solar Integrated Home Lighting System with Fan                                                                                       

Solar Integrated Home Lighting System with Fan is a unique concept. Here, the home lighting system is inside the fan body along with small maintenance free SMF battery(12V/7.2AH). This makes the  product immensely useful for people who want to carry the fan with them where ever the use is. The user has one LED lamp(Upto 7W) supported along with mobile phone charging. The best thing is that the battery can be charged from AC power as well as solar panel.

This product finds utility in following areas:-

1. For rural homes/farm houses

2. For small town shopkeepers

3. For students in hostels/homes

4. In JJ colonies

5. Rural swasthya kendras

6. Rural schools


The fan is also available in:

1. Indian carbon motor: Heavy blade with 16W consumption

2. Chinese carbon motor: Light blade with 12W consumption

3. BLDC motor: 12W consumptionFan 





Very low power consumption



Fan power consumption(12V): 12W


Carbon/BLDC motor 



Electronically controlled brushless DC motor


Excellent air delivery



RPM: 1400 max


Pure polypropylene body



Battery: 12V/7.2AH


In built SMF battery



AC operation: 110V - 265V


In built solar home lighting solution



Solar Panel: 12V/20W for battery charging only

Solar Panel: 12V/40W for day operation also



LED bulb


DC LED bulb: 12V/3W-7W


Mobile charging


Mobile charging @5.5V/800mA


AC/Solar charging of battery


Battery charging current = 1A max


Two speed


Wing size = 12 inch


Battery disconnect switch


Oscillating: (optional)


Battery over charging/Deep discharging/Reverse polarity protection


Battery overcharging cutoff: 14.5V

Battery cutoff : 11V

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