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Sampada Solar DC Pedestal Fans                                                                                           

Sampada Solar DC pedestal fan is one of the finest products. This is once again low power consumption product with high quality Carbon/BLDC motor. The product is most suitable for solar applications where low power consumption is the key to the battery back up. The fan is quality product well suited for rural/small town applications where there is big load shedding especially in the summer months. 


The fan is available in following versions:

1. Carbon motor        : Oscillating

2. BLDC motor          : Oscillating


                                                           16 inch DC Pedestal Fan          12 inch DC Pedestal Fan




Sampada Grand 16

Sampada Grand 12

Very low power consumption

Fan power consumption(12V) : 22W

Fan power consumption(12V) : 11W

PMDC(Carbon) motor 

Swing = 16 Inch

 Swing = 12 Inch

Excellent air delivery

RPM: 1500 @12V

RPM: 1350 @12V

Pure copper winding

AC operation: 110V - 260V

AC operation: 110V - 260V

Three speed variation

Solar panel = 40W

Solar panel = 20W

Available in BLDC motor as well

Poly propylene body

Poly propylene body

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